Wild Wine

Create a super product, they said.
And Wild Wine was born.

A box wine not
quite like the others:
wild, unexpected and not
always completely logical.
Much like a drunk mind.

Wild Wine celebrates
the adventures that follow
when you take one
of our boxes with you
into the wild.

And, In the spirit
of drunk adventures,
we made a logo
that’s always changing,
always a little unbalanced.

Now, go explore.


on the
back of
the boxes
go from
sober to a
, litrlle
durnk  .



Wild Wine also lives online. 
Go here to explore our universe, become a Wild Wine-isseur 
and read all of the not-so-sober stories from the boxes.



Where are we? What are we wearing? 
How did we get here?
Help us retrace on Twitter, please.

We ask a series of seriously funny people to write the first
part of a story: the end destination of our wine-filled night.
Then, it’s up to you to help us figure out how we got here.



When the stories are finished they’re recorded
and put on our website for everyone to see, hear or read.



In collaboration with Klara Vilshammer


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